Track your shipments with status alerts fed directly to your notification bar. Check the status of an expected shipment delivery across multiple carriers.


Receive shipping alerts in your Android notification bar, including expected delivery estimates and final delivery notifications. EasyTrack notifies you of delayed shipments due to weather or damages. Customize the status alerts you wish to receive.



The Benefits of EasyTracking

EasyTrack can:


- Track shipments from multiple carriers


- Receive shipment status alerts


- Detect lost or delayed packages


- Identify refund eligible shipments


- Store and access detailed package history


- Easy to access FAQ


- Social Slider to access your favorite sites


- Current, speed support from logistics pros

Why ship guaranteed?  :

EasyTrack Logic


Behind the EasyTrack back-end system is ShipMatrix, a premiere developer of desktop based shipment visibility software solutions for the Logistics industry. Recently, The Wall Street Journal printed an article where ShipMatrix statistics were used to gauge the performance of FedEx corporation's on time parcel deliveries through the Polar Vortex.


The WSJ Noted:

"Package-delivery companies also felt the chill, analysts said, because of the time-sensitive nature of their domestic delivery networks and the sheer mass of deliveries affected. The number of packages affected by weather rose significantly in the first two months of 2014, according to ShipMatrix, Inc., a developer of shipment-tracking software."


See the article here:  http://yhoo.it/1ems8pa



"Don't just track, EasyTrack!"

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Developer : ShipMatrix

Current ver. : 3.0.37

Genre : Productivity

Original Release: Dec. 3, 2013

EasyTrack is a product of $hipMatrix